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The Project

BookingChain is an advanced reservation management system based on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

The project takes shape as a result of the union of various services and advanced software components that cooperate synergistically, creating an innovative product. Also, the platform helps in organizing reservations and connects supply and demand in a unique way.

BookingChain consists of:
• a new decentralized Blockchain
• a smart contract booking platform (DApp)
• an utility token
• a new cryptocurrency with block confirmation system based on Proof of Stake (PoS)
• the production of innovative Payment Tags
• a cryptocurrencies exchange
• a system of functionalities regulated by Artificial Intelligence to support user and system productivity

BookingChain is the most innovative, comfortable and safe way to book anything.
Single or repetitive events, referred to specific quantities of product or timed. You can book the entrance ticket to a sporting or musical event, rent a car, or simply order a pizza with home delivery. You can book a piano or dance course, a baby sitter or maybe find a free plumber just when you need it.

But BookingChain is really more than this...

Wide range of services

With BookingChain anyone can offer the possibility to reserve their service, whatever it is. Small or large companies, professionals or just private citizens. Everyone can use the platform to manage reservations and find new types of business. There are therefore potentially billions of bookable services.

Global and Local

As it's easy to think, online services are perfect for ordering goods that are then conveniently delivered to your home. This can easily be done using BookingChain thus making it a tool capable of working on a global scale. But it is in the booking of local services that we believe it can be very useful.


The booking platform is a Decentralized Application (DApp) and uses Smart Contracts to manage and record all booking transactions in the blockchain. The BOOCT token is used to pay service fees but the platform also works in combination with the BOOC cryptocurrency which, supporting PoS, offers the user a way to be rewarded only for keeping a certain number of coins on its own wallet.


BookingChain is called "trustless" because it was designed so that no one should trust anyone else for the system to work. The system records all booking transactions on Blockchain and uses a cryptocurrency as an exchange token. Moreover, if someone books your service and then does not show up at the appointment, the system will take care of retaining the registration fee by donating it to the offerer without him having to contact the absent person.


Each registration is assigned and linked to the public key of the account of the platform and it is not possible to trace the natural person who owns it. All registrations relating to reservations and token exchanges between users are therefore completely anonymous.

Return of Investment

The BOOC cryptocurrency supports Proof of Stake and allows the deploy of masternodes with a particular rewards distribution plan. The booking platform automatically rewards users based on the amount of coins they keep in their wallets. Experienced users can download the appropriate sotwares and independently create their own masternodes and get a better ROI.


The platform contains an internal exchange that allows users to deposit and withdraw different cryptocurrencies in addition to BOOC and BOOCT. For example, users can safely deposit bitcoin or litecoin and exchange them internally later with BOOC or BOOCT for the use of booking services.

Artificial Intelligence

In recent years artificial intelligence has made great strides and is now a technology sufficiently mature to allow some of the platform's decision-making processes to be automated. Artificial intelligence will be used in the first place to define commission costs and generate special promotions, but later it will be increasingly implemented until it becomes a real internal regulator of activities.


We are supporters of the decentralization and we believe that Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are among the most extraordinary tools we now have at our disposal. So far, however, the knowledge of these technologies has extended especially in the speculative field. With BookingChain we want to give an intrinsic value to the currency and tie it to its usefulness and its use so that the value is not defined only by the mood of the traders. This is a very important piece that must somehow be explained to people who want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies. This is why we are creating a large community of people who want to create a new economy based on the real utility of new technologies, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


The BookingChain project obviously requires a lot of work and commitment. However, we have decided to divide the development phases and related publications to be able to carry out periodic releases of the working parts of the project. We have tried to summarize all the necessary work and release times in this roadmap.

Phase 1 - Study

• Project feasibility analysis
• Definition of the project's architecture
• Recruitment of team members
• Graphic study

In the first four months of 2019 we have used all our resources in research and in the study of the various possibilities of project development. We have deeply analyzed the known technologies and defined the structure of the platform. We selected the most competent people in the necessary sectors and started developing the first test projects.

Phase 2 - Preparation

• Publication of the official website
• Definition of promotion and social channels
• Definition of marketing campaigns
• Development of the booking platform

In the second half of 2019 we will officially publish the project specifications and launch marketing campaigns on the various media and social channels. We will start the development of the temporary centralized version of the booking platform.

Phase 3 - Deployment

• Publication of the booking platform V1 (centralized prototype)

In the first 6 month of 2020 we will complete the development of the first temporary centralized version of the booking platform and after the necessary audits there will be the official launch of the web application that will allow the booking of real services using cryptocurrencies.

Phase 4 - Improvement

• Analysis of feedbacks
• Improvement and implementation of new features on the booking platform
• Publication of the booking app for smartphones

After the publication of the platform we will take care of collecting feedbacks and user requests. We will introduce additional services and publish the platform focusing on finding more and more service providers. We will publish the Booking App that will allow users to stay up to date on the status of their reservations and will allow suppliers to accept the final agreed payment for on-touch services.

Phase 5 - Birth of BOOC

• Launch of the new BookingChain cryptocurrency BOOC

At this stage there will be the launch of BOOC, the new BookingChain cryptocurrency. BOOC will support Proof Of Stake and will allow the creation of masternodes with a collateral structure and a particular and unique definition of the rewards. BOOC will be accepted in parallel with other cryptocurrencies for taking reservations in the platform.

Phase 6 - Integration

• Complete integration of BOOC in the booking platform
• Airdrop and Bounty campaigns

In the first months of 2020, the complete integration of the BOOC cryptocurrency into the booking platform will take place and from that moment other cryptocurrencies can no longer be used. The users of the services that can be booked on the platform from that moment will receive BOOC in remuneration for the services offered. To encourage the use of the booking platform and increase advertising, a BOOC Airdrop period will be activated in the platform and Bounty campaigns will be created.

Phase 7 - Development

• Creation of the booking utility token BOOCT
• Development of smart contracts

At this point the experience on the management of the platform acquired with the centralized version allows us to build the perfect project for our purposes. In this phase we are mainly concerned with developing the token and smart contracts that make up the decentralized version of the platform.

Phase 8 - Decentralization

• Launch of the new decentralized booking platform (DApp)
• Update of the booking app for smartphones
• Implementation of the security and supplier evaluation service (requires NYC)

The beginning of 2021 will see the completion of the works with the launch of the new version of the booking platform. The new generation of the platform will be completely decentralized and will use the BOOCT utility token for reservations recording. To make reservations, users can continue to use both the BOOC cryptocurrency or the BOOCT token directly. The suppliers of the services that can be booked on the platform from that moment on will receive payments only in BOOCT tokens. Following the launch of the new platform, the smartphone App will also be updated and expanded in its functions. The security service will be implemented to ensure the accuracy of the suppliers and the certainty of the services offered.

Phase 9 - Exchanges

• Implementation of the internal cryptocurrency exchange service

The new platform will contain an internal decentralized exchange that will allow the exchange and conversion between different cryptocurrencies. An important piece to further simplify access to the services offered.

Phase 10 - Artificial Intelligence

• Integration of AI

AI algorithms will be implemented and activated. They will act both through the application of "rewards" or "taxes" on the amounts of reservations and on exchange transactions. The intent of the algorithms is to make the value of the BOOCT token more stable by operating as a balancer and as a cushion for volatility.

Phase 11 - Payment Tags

• Production and distribution of Payment Tags

The Payment Tag is the new way to pay reservations and services. You can imagine it like a credit card, but advanced. The card can be programmed using the BookingChain App and used to pay local services.

Cryptocurrency BOOC

Speeches from the founders

We inform all users interested in our project that we are constantly attentive to current regulations in the financial sector with particular attention to the context of cryptocurrencies in our area and in the world. The regulations in this area are subject to discussion and constant updates, especially in this period. We are ready to update our products as soon as our consultants give us information about it. This could include, for example, the future addition of a KYC service (Know Your Customer) for all users who wish to use our services. This is to be able to give the security of offering a serious and continuous service.

We do not offer any financial services or financial advice. We do not offer Asset Tokens, Equity tokens, Security tokens or Debt tokens.
We have not proposed, nor do we intend to make ICO, ETO, STO or other financing instruments in the future.
All the tools we use are already regulated by their respective suppliers.

We will keep you constantly informed by publishing all updates on this web page.